Leartes Challenge Update 03

General / 21 March 2021

Hi everyone so this have been my progress so far on the challenge 

DeadTrees done on speed tree still need to do the pine trees I have some but I think they need to be updated 





Without some color and without grass 

Recent Updated will be deleting some grass and maybe I will  add some megascans like  trees stumps 

Any feedback is welcome and thanks so much for watching bye! 



Leartes Challenge Update 02

General / 13 March 2021

Hi everyone I still working on the Challenge but I'm very very shy about showing any work because I feel is not good enough. Here is a little progress of the house and terrain 

The terrain sand and grass were done on substance alchemist 

These planks were sculpted first on Zbrush then textured on substance painter. This variation of wood planks will be on all the barn i will add a vertex painting to make them look different.


WIP02 the terrain has two materials grass and sand and puddles are added.

adding the modular pieces to unreal engine still a lot to do.

Any critics are welcome! and thank you so much for watching see ya!! :) 


Joining the Leartes & Dekogon Challenge

General / 18 February 2021

Hi everyone !! First time doing a blog I will be participating in the Leartes and Dekogon Challenge I'm so excited to participate! good luck to everyone that is participating :) The concept that I decided to work on is from Eddie Mendoza ( https://www.artstation.com/eddie ) Now that I have the concept art now is the hunt to get references. Thank you so much for watching bye!!